Arra Accommodation Group Corporate Accounts

When you’re managing a business, keeping close tabs on the money going out is as essential as increasing the funds coming in. Fortunately, you don’t need a team of business administrators to improve your expense management processes. All you need are better tools. The Arra Corporate Card can help your company work smarter by streamlining the process of reconciliation while your employees are on the road.

Controlling and tracking spending is a challenge for nearly every company, but in that challenge lies enormous opportunity. The Arra Corporate Card has helped clients mine those opportunities with a paperless system that can quickly streamline back-office processes, improve data quality, and sharply cut both administrative and hard-dollar expenses.

With the Arra Corporate Card you can be confident you’ve made the right choice of card provider. The ultimate result: improved efficiency, greater cost-control and hard savings… savings that migrate straight to the bottom line.

Corporate Card & Corporate Card Plus

Our Standard Corporate Account facility allows you to issue cards to your employees when accommodation is required. The cards are used to identify corporate clients when making a booking directly with a hotel/motel and the card number can also be used to make bookings online.

When processing payments we can either debit your bank account or invoice your company on a monthly basis. Select the method of payment you require when filling out the application form.

You may also choose to register for our Corporate Account Plus facility which comes with the Arra Travel Saver Card and will save you to up to $50 per stay and save with thousands of other discounts at major suppliers around Australia and New Zealand.

The Corporate Account Plus cards are valid for two years and cost only $25 per card. They will save you $5 per night when booking with any Budget property and save 10% per night with Orbit and Paragon properties.

How to Apply

The Australian/New Zealand application forms can be downloaded by clicking the buttons below and returned via fax, or for more information you can contact us using the form below.

Australian Application FormNew Zealand Application Form

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