We are proud to announce a voluntary initiative for our member properties with the launch of our new Arra environmental friendly program. 

The program’s environmental guidelines allow our motels to evaluate their operations and take specific actions to improve their environmental footprint of the property thereby saving our resources. 

The green leaf symbol displayed in a member properties listing in our Accommodation Directory recognizes the member has made a commitment to conserve and protect our environment. Participating Arra Member Properties have committed to implement at least 17 initiatives in the areas of waste minimization, water saving, power & energy and general initiatives. 

Please enquire at your participating member property for more information

Waste Minimization

Recycling program in place in room or external for glass / Removal of commonly used paper & plastic products in rooms, glass covers & toilet seals etc / Removal of small portion packaging / Building insulation / Use of recycled or unbleached paper / Re-use non-confidential paper/ Use of environment friendly (bio-degradable) cleaning products / Composting garden waste and food scraps. 

Water saving

Dual or reduced flush toilets / Water saving shower heads / Re-use towels and linen by request / Recycling of grey (waste) water / Re-use cold water from shower / Installation of rainwater tank / mulched gardens / drought resistant plants / Plumbing maintenance program /  Four star toilet (hand-wash water fills cistern). 

Power / Energy

Energy-efficient light bulbs / Signage instructing guests to turn off electrical appliances in rooms / Solar heating for hot water system & swimming pool / Sufficient room ventilation reducing the need for air conditioning/  Doors and Windows operate and close properly / Specific lighting such as reading lights, etc / Demand controlled heating and cooling Appliances.        

Hot-water circulating pump - to circulate hot water in pipes (not required where one hot-water service per guest room). 

Double glazing, awnings or verandas and/or protection on windows facing West or exposed to weather                                     

Additional Initiatives

Guest information in Room Compendium contains information explaining Environmental practices at the property 

All Internal Areas of the property are Smoke Free with appropriate signage, (room door, compendium and reception) with external ashtrays provided. NB: Specifically designed and dedicated areas excepted.


Using renewable energy Supply/sources- wind turbines, photo-voltaic cells, etc.Pool blanket used to minimise evaporation & assist heating.        

Participating Arra member properties are identified with the Green leaf Symbol.